Adding Textey Messenger in Classic for Inline Visualforce page

Within Classic Salesforce, the Contacts page will show the details of the contact including Phone numbers, other related lists, the Opportunities, Cases and so on. The Contacts page gives you a holistic view of the activities that have been associated with that specific contact at any given point. While this has been very useful to see data, it was not helpful in cases where users needed to engage with a customer. One of the opportunities offered by the Contacts page in Classic is to bring SMS messaging directly on the page. Earlier releases of Textey gave users the flexibility to send messages with the help of a Send SMS button on the page. The button leads to a messenger component where you can type and send your messages. But users could not send messages directly from the page inline. The current release changes that constraint and brings you a way to add the Textey messenger for the inline Visualforce page.

To begin engaging with your customer directly from the Contact page, we have created a Visualforce page which is inline. This will give you the messenger component inline without having to click the Send SMS button. Let’s take a look at how this is done.

  • Once you login as an administrator, click on the Contacts layout .

Note: For other Custom objects, you can create a Visualforce page specific to that, which is similar the Contact object.
  • Next, click on the Edit Layout button on the right corner towards the top of the page.

  • In the list of components in Contact Layout section, click on Visualforce Pages component.

  • Add in a section on the layout with Section Name as Textey. The Detail Page checkbox is checked. You can keep this as a 1-column layout.

  • Next, drag and drop the Send_ltng component from the Visualforce page components list above into the Textey section. This will add the corresponding Visualforce page. You will notice that the height may not be enough when the component is dropped into the Textey section. This can be resolved by editing the Visualforce page properties. Click on the section to pull the Visualforce Page Properties popup. Change the height to 500 pixels and enable the Show Scrollbars checkbox. Click Ok and then Save.

The Textey messenger has now been added to your Contact page and you can start messaging your customer.

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