Adding Textey Messenger Lightning Component

If you are already using Salesforce Lightning, then the following steps can guide you in adding the Textey messenger Lightning component to a Contact page. This is more or less the same concept as Classic, but being powered by Lightning, it is viewed in a more modern, optimized and visually appealing format.

  • Go to Contacts tab and click on the contact to whom you will be sending the message.

  • Click on the Setup gear next to your profile image in the top right corner and click Edit Page.

  • Drag the Textey Messenger component from the Lightning Components list on the left and drop this in the Textey tab on the right.

  • There are a few parameters on the extreme right that can be modified for the component.

    • You can enable the Social Photo checkbox which displays the corresponding social photo

    • Max Height – The max height on initial load is 400 pixels. You can modify this based on your preference.

    • Column – It is recommended to maintain a One-Column format for the component. You can also move the component below the contact information in which case a Two Column format may be aesthetically preferable.

  • Click Save.

  • Click the Back button to return to the Contact page which will now have the Lightning component added on a new tab.

  • The component has a few features that you will need to be aware of.

    • All Messages – This toggle button allows you to show all the messages from everyone to the user.

    • Unread Messages Indicator – This gives the number of unread messages

    • Mark All as Read button – This allows you to mark all unread messages as read which will also remove the Unread Messages indicator.

    • Mute/Unmute Button – This allows you to mute/unmute the notifications sound for an incoming message.

    • Refresh Button – Allows you to refresh the messages.

    • From – The phone numbers from which the message is sent.

    • To – The phone number to which the message is sent.

    • Attach Image Icon - You can also attach an image to the text message.

    • Template Icon - You can select a template to construct your text message.
Note: The file size for the image in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats should be 750 KB or less.
Note: Textey gives you the option to disable/enable the storage of attachment images within Salesforce each time an image is sent. This feature has been added keeping in mind the storage issues that may arise in your Salesforce org due to storing of these images. Here’s more on how you can use the feature.
  • Got to Textey administration and click on Configuration Settings.

  • Under General Settings, you have the option to disable/enable the attachment of outbound images.

  • If the option is disabled, you will see a Media Not Available message in the messenger window for image files that have been sent out.

  • If the option is enabled, the image will be available to view in the messenger window.

With the Lightning Component added, you are now ready to start messaging your customer.

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