Activate Account (Production)

After your installation is complete, your next step is to activate your Textey account.

  • Select Textey app from the Salesforce app navigation drop-down on the top right-hand corner. Navigate to the Administration tab.
  • You will see a screen asking if you have already a Textey account. Click No. This will open a new dialog box which also has links to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that you can review.
  • Click Activate Now. Congratulations! Your Textey account has been created. Your Textey account is now activated and placed in Trial status.
Note: While your account is in Trial status, you can provision one (1) phone number and send/receive fifty (50) text messages. You will also have access to all the existing features. After you exhaust the available 50 text messages, please contact us at to continue using Textey’s awesome features through any of our monthly plans.
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