Post-Installation Steps

Assign Permission Sets

When you install Textey for the first time, you will be prompted to choose from three profile options on the installation page - Install for Admins Only, Install for All Users, Install for Specific Profiles. As the name suggests, Install for Admins Only allows the Textey app to be visible only for admins. Choosing Install for All Users gives access to all the users currently present in your Salesforce org. If specific user profiles are to be given access to the Textey app, then you will need to choose Install for Specific Profiles. For the best user experience, we recommend that you choose the Install for Specific Profiles option.

Once you have selected the Install for Specific Profiles option,here are the steps to be followed for a clean installation of specific profiles within Textey.

  • Select the access level for the profile for enabling access to the Textey app.

Note: You can set access levels for profiles in Textey app. Access levels can be assigned to all profiles at once or can be individually assigned to specific profiles. There are two profiles that are generally used within Textey -System Administrator and Standard User. The Standard User is assigned the access level of Textey Standard User.
  • Click Install.

  • Once installation is complete, the admin can create a new user. For this, go to Setup > Users and create a new user. Select the User License as Salesforce and Profile as Standard User.

  • Next step is to assign the custom permission set to this newly created user. Click on the Permission Sets Assignments quicklink.

  • Click Edit Assignments. You can see a list of Available Permission Sets in the package that can be enabled. Assign Textey Standard User Permission set to the newly created user. Click Save.

Note: You can assign multiple permission sets as needed. The custom permission sets for the textey package are Textey Administration User and Textey Lightning User(In case you want user to have access in Lightning Interface).
  • Goto Setup > Apps > Installed Packages.

  • Click Manage Licenses link.

  • Next click Add Users. You can see a list of all the available users from which you can select and Add the user.This allows you to grant Textey app access to a desired user who can login to Textey as that specific user.

Assign Custom Permissions

If you would like your Textey user to have access to very specific features in Textey, you can do that through Custom Permissions that are part of the Textey Package.

  • Go to Setup > Custom Code > Custom Permissions.

  • There are three Custom Permissions that are part of the Textey Package. These are

    • Send Textey Bulk SMS

    • Send Textey SMS

    • Textey Administrator

You will not be able to Send Bulk messages, individual messages or view the Textey administrator screen unless you have the above custom permissions.

Note: These features will be available to all standard users by default.
  • You can add these features to a user in two ways – a) at the Profile level b) at the Permission Sets level

a) At the Profile level

  • Go to Setup > Users > Profile.

  • Click to the specific user profile.

  • Under Apps, click on Custom Permissions.

  • Click Edit. You can add or remove the custom permissions as needed.

  • Click Save.

b) At the Permission Sets level

  • Go to Setup > Users > Permission Sets.

  • Click on the specific Permission Set.  

  • Under Apps, click on  Custom Permissions.

  • Click Edit. You can add or remove the custom permissions as needed.

  • Click Save.

As a user, if you do not have a custom Permission Set assigned to your profile, you will receive an error message when you try to perform that specific action. For example, if the Send Textey SMS Permission Set has been revoked for your user profile, you will no longer be able to send a message through the messenger window. You will still be able to view messages that were sent previously.

Note: An additional Permission Set for Textey Lightning User is also available. It provides users with access to switching to Lightning. This is necessary to utilize Textey Lightning Components. This Permission Set is not required if you have already given access to Lightning within the user’s Profile or another Permission Set.
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