Configure Accounts

With Textey, you can send a single message from the detail page of any record, provided the record has at least one phone number field with a value in it. Single messages are sent via a Send SMS button that you can add to your page layouts.

There are a few simple steps needed to add the necessary components to the page layout(s) for each object. Let’s take a look at the Accounts object here.

  • Go to Setup > Customize > Accounts > Page Layouts. Click Edit next to the page layout you want to send messages from.

  • Next, drag the Send SMS button from the Buttons section into the Custom Buttons panel on the page.

  • To add the Do Not SMS button, drag the Do Not SMS field from the Field section onto the page layout. This field is a checkbox. If this is checked, you will not be able to send an SMS to this particular lead.

  • Next step is to add the SMS Messages related list. Drag the SMS Messages related list onto the page layout. To further configure the SMS Messages related list, click the wrench symbol on the SMS Messages related list to open the related list properties page.

    • Add the following fields in this order:

      • Message Date

      • Direction

      • Message

      • Status

      • From Phone

      • To Phone

      • SMS Message Number

    • Sort the list by SMS Message Number in descending order. This will make the newest messages appear first in the related list.

    • Finally, click the plus (+) button in the Buttons section. Remove the New button from the related list. This simply prevents any confusion for users who may try to create a new record manually.

    • Click OK.

  • Click Save.

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