Install from Salesforce AppExchange

Textey can be installed from the Salesforce AppExchange into your Production environment with these simple steps.

  • Click  pasted_image_0.png from the Textey AppExchange listing.

  • Login with the credentials to your Salesforce account.

  • You will be prompted to select Install in Production or Install in Sandbox based on where you want to install the package.

  • On the installation page, select your preferred profile settings.

NOTE: When you install Textey for the first time, you will be prompted to choose from three profile options on the installation page -Install for Admins Only, Install for All Users, Install for Specific Profiles. We recommend that you choose the Install for Specific Profiles option. This has specific profiles set up under it within Textey such as Textey Administrator, Textey Read-Only or Textey Standard User. These can be assigned to the profiles in your Salesforce account.
  • Accept the remote site.

  • Your Textey application is now installed. Didn't we tell you it was simple!

  • Once the installation is complete, navigate to the Textey App on the drop down in the top right hand corner of the Salesforce app. Then click on the Administration tab to continue with the setup. .


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